Thinking consciously about your leftovers

There are many occasions where I have gone out for a meal and my eyes were bigger than my stomach and there is food leftover. If I really think about it, all that happens is the food goes into the bin and becomes a huge waste.

When I lived in Canada, it was a huge part of their culture to order more, and take the food home to be eaten later. This is a North American custom, and one that I sometimes think we could learn and benefit from in the UK. Whilst More restaurants are offering to box the food up to go home, it is usually a request from the customer rather than an expectation of the restaurant. Instead, the food then goes straight into the bin, when it could have been another meal for you or someone else. We should be taking heed from our neighbours across the pond.

Let’s go one step further, if we are on a night out, we aren’t going to want to carry around a box of food. However, with the growing number of homeless people, could we not have it boxed up for someone outside who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from? It’s no extra cost to us, and it could make a whole lot of difference.


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