Sustainable Living and Giving Back

I have to admit that when I found out that apple trees had grown by the M60, due to people throwing their apple cores out of their cars, I was pleased.

At primary school the term “litter bug” was used as an umbrella term for anyone who dropped their litter. I was taught that it was polite to put my litter in the bin, and if there wasn’t one, to put it in my pocket until I found one. However, over the last 5 years, councils have started to look at households recycling more, especially with the use of different bins.

Like most, I use the bins willingly and recycle my rubbish into the different bins. Obviously, no one wants crisp wrappers blowing about in the air, and when people just dump their rubbish on the street it looks unsightly. However, what if we could give something back? Why does an apple core need to be thrown into the bin when it contains seeds that could produce a mini eco system? Of course, compost bins are a good idea, but maybe it’s now time to think more about our rubbish.

Does this mean that all biodegradable rubbish could be dumped anywhere? No. Rubbish attracts pests yes, but what could be given back to create a more sustainable planet? Giving back feels good!


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