Show newspaper the heap

People of older generations are usually happy to share their wisdom from their younger years, especially my grandma who used newspaper for toilet paper. If we did that now, we’d probably clog the toilet. But could it be used in another way? Absolutely.

Newspapers make excellent fertiliser for gardens. Plus, they have the added benefit of stopping weeds when they’re laid down. It’s so simple, and such a cheap alternative to buying fertilisers or weed killers. This is an added bonus to us as parents and pet owners.

All you need to do is take a handful of the pages and lay them out flat around the base of plants or trees, and then cover them with soil, trimmings or both from your garden to prevent the newspaper from blowing around. I suppose that you could place them under stones or rocks to hold the paper in place.

The benefits from this are:

  1. You won’t have to rid your garden of quite so many weeds because they’ll have no access to light.
  2. You’ve saved yourself some money.
  3. You’re not using harmful chemicals.
  4. You’ve provided your plants with additional nutrients.

Happy gardening.


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