Shampoo and conditioner bars

With the rise of plastic pollution, I recently decided to purchase a shampoo and conditioner bar, to see if they were a viable replacement for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

The shampoo and conditioner bars have taken some getting used to. They were a little expensive at first, but not so much when you can get up to 80 washes out of it (depending on the weight of course). I have to admit that I never counted how many washes I got from a bottle of shampoo or conditioner, I usually took it off a time calculation of roughly 3-4 weeks to then replace shampoo, 6-7 for conditioner. The bars have both lasted way over that time considering they were bought 3 months ago, and there is still plenty of both left, that’s good going.

Now for the review of how the bars compare to the bottles. The conditioner bar works well, like bars of hand soap you get some on your hands and then run your fingers through your hair from root to tip. My hair has never felt softer, smelt better or looked so clean! However, the shampoo bars still for me have a bit more to do. I never quite feel like I have enough product to wash my hair with, and there have been times where I have felt that it was greasy, even without using the conditioner. It could be that I need to change the shampoo bar for a more conventional looking shampoo bar (it resembles edam cheese). It could be the ingredients don’t react well to my hair. The bottle of shampoo at the moment is quicker because I know how much product is enough, but I’m willing to give shampoo bars another try.

There is a good feeling though that I can’t get from using a shampoo bottle, that I’m doing something good for the planet by not adding more plastic pollution. At the moment, a lot of bottles are still made from single use plastic. Another solution to this could be the bottle banks that used to exist with pop/soda and milk. Companies could pay back a small amount for a washed bottle to be reused. Until then, I will be sticking to the conditioner bars at least!


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