Can houseplants make your day?

Houseplants, once a memory of the 1980’s, have started to make their retro reappearance. Why is it that they younger people are becoming more enthusiastic about houseplants than ever?

Let’s start by how much easier they are to care for than the average outdoor plant. In fact, most houseplants do better by because their owners forgot to water them. At most they need watering every fortnight. Meaning for inexperienced gardeners, this is a good place to start. Also, quite often the phrase ‘less is more’ comes to mind when caring for the plant and just leaving it to have its ‘me time’.

Nature is being regularly referenced for its benefits on mental health because seeing it calms us down. The more houseplants there are, the more of a sanctuary we can create in our homes. Nature’s calming effect takes only 5 minutes to take hold. It becomes difficult to be calmed by one plant alone, but a cluster of different plants appeals to the senses and allows us to drift off. Allowing ourselves to day dream is just what is needed sometimes.

It is an inexpensive way to make quite a spectacular display. Of course, it is easier to spend a lot of money, but with a cheap tray and a few small houseplants, it can provide a lovely focal point. Also, for those without an outdoor green space, it allows for a little green haven inside.

There are health benefits, not just to mental health, but respiratory too. Some houseplants purify the air, which with air pollution being ever present, can only be a win win! There are others which remove unpleasant smells too.


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