Is Frozen Fruit and Veg a solution to food waste?

Let’s be honest, most of us will throw food out at some point. For some it will be every week and others will be slightly better at reducing their waste. However, it is a big problem and the impact on the environment is huge.

If you have ever looked at the journey of a banana from plantation to fruit bowl, you’ll know that it takes an awful lot to get that bunch of bananas. In the UK, there is the added hurdle of bananas having to be within a set size, any that aren’t are thrown before they even leave the factory. That’s such madness. There are people who are literally starving across the world, and that’s what we do – take a perfect but oversized piece of fruit and toss it into the garbage disposal. Why? It isn’t the fault of the employees, or even the plantation owners, it’s a strange regulation that deems the fruit inedible. Why can’t they be placed in a box, crate or barrel outside of the plantation for people to help themselves to? Will it dent profits, I doubt it. We no longer live in a society where the majority of people shop at the grocers, butchers or bakers etc. Largely, because it would be time consuming and in some situations expensive. Are people really going to drive or walk in their masses to a banana plantation? No. Not even those who are starving are going to make the journey, however for those that will, it’s a humane solution to starvation.

However, let’s bring it back to the average consumer’s food waste. If we continually throw food away, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, then frozen could be the answer. The expiration dates are longer, in many cases you get more for your money and they can be added quickly to meals. Of course, they’re not the end all solution, but they are a good start.


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