Take a second, look around

Whether you’re a beach lover or a forest friend, there is so much about nature that astounds us. We crave it as human beings, that sense of calm that only nature can bring.

At school we were always told to think of our favourite place, as a bid to stay calm during our exams. I used to really struggle with that concept because I didn’t have a favourite place because I liked so many things. However, as I got older I started to realise what that was about, why we were doing that. Remaining calm requires control. We need nature to ground us again.

There’s something about the water that forever amazes me. Cameras are amazing these days, but there’s something about being there that just feels so much better. Perhaps it’s the other senses that are stimulated – the smells, the sounds and the feel of fresh air. For me, it’s the fresh air, it just clears my mind straight away.

Our lives are so busy and can be so consuming. Those few minutes in nature are just so important. It’s those minutes that save us. They ground us and fill us with such tranquility that we have to ensure that we do our utmost to protect them. It’s so disappointing to have a perfect view spoiled by someone’s rubbish that they could have put in the bin. Yet perfect, unspoiled spots are becoming more difficult to find, and this is only going to increase.

A friend of mine was stood by a marina with some other friends, smiling for a selfie, with the caption ‘fab memories’. Then, in the corner of the photograph was a pile of washed up rubbish. I wasn’t there so I can’t comment on the ‘fab memories’, but how fabulous can it be when the view is spoiled by rubbish? Have we come to accept this as a norm? I hope not.

A walk in nature should allow for escapism, but how long will this last if we’re not more conscious about sustaining and protecting these places?


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