Shopping When Hungry

We’ve all left going food shopping until we’re really hungry. We make the worst choices. For me, I notice that at the till my trolley is full of snack products that make no sense. Did I want a savoury snack or something sweet?

I’ve heard the advice. Make sure you don’t shop when hungry, which is a lot easier than the reality. We have a small baby. When we get out it could be any time. Every day is different. I have been shopping after eating at home, and then I find one day in the week that I crave something. I do the thing of convincing myself that it’s better not to have it in the house, but then I think about it all night. Sometimes because I craved a chocolate biscuit I can’t stop there. It’s crisps, cake, biscuits and sweets. So how do I minimise that?

Well in reality, I know that at some point I’ll want to eat that. The saying ‘everything in moderation’ does work for me. If I know I have something that I can snack on, I feel much better, and no fruit or trail mix just don’t always cut it. They do if I’m hungry snacking, but not when making a conscious choice.

Now I realise that it’s much better to make sure that I put something on the list. That way I know I won’t be going overboard. Let me know, what are the things that you have to let yourself off with.


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