Hedonism on a Budget?

I feel that the media very much centres on bad news – the economy and politics have largely been bad news for a long while. It seems that we have forgotten how to enjoy ourselves and just take pleasure in what we have, which is why I have decided to write this post. Mindfulness is a fantastic thing, but if you’re like me, your mind is occupied with a tonne of thoughts. Maybe it’s time to turn ourselves to hedonism.

Hedonism – is pleasure for pleasure’s sake, and I think we need to be reminded that everyone needs to be a little hedonistic now and then. Normally, we think it is only the elite who can really be hedonistic, but I disagree. We can all be hedonistic, regardless of budget. For example, going out for a picnic and just enjoying it because you can. Taking time for yourself is a must, it heals all ills.

Of course the weather isn’t always permitting. Visit someone, a family member or friend, someone whose company you really enjoy, or telephone them. Take time for yourself and enjoy it. Sure we all have work to do, but would you rather work hard or be efficient because you’re well rested? Spend time with your loved ones – watch a film or play a board game, not everything has to be expensive.

I’d love to hear your hedonistic suggestions, but please go and enjoy yourselves!


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