Changes in the Right Direction

In my first blog I talked about how I was becoming increasingly conscious of the choices that I was making as a consumer and reducing my plastic waste print. I also suggested companies making simple changes that could make a huge impact, well this week in our household we noted a change that will have HUGE impact! I don’t normally endorse companies, however I have to give credit where credit is due.

In our household we have a young baby, and whilst pregnant I signed us up to something where we got trial products. This week we received cotton nappies and baby wipes from Pampers. What a fantastic idea that finally a natural product from a well known company is making its way to the high street. Of course, disposable, biodegradable nappies and wipes are available with other companies, but they are not as well known and quite frankly the price can sometimes be double that of the most expensive high street brand. I think that this is a brilliant idea, especially if the price is competitive with that of other high street brands. Why wouldn’t someone want a nappy that is made from natural ingredients and breaks down?

Now there is one criticism, if these biodegradable nappies and are then placed into plastic nappy sacks, what is the point in buying biodegradable nappies? I agree. You can purchase biodegradable nappy sacks which are again usually expensive, even though you are benefitting the environment.

There are some solutions to this.

  1. Buy the biodegradable nappy sacks anyway.
  2. Buy the biodegradable nappy sacks but reserve them for dirty nappies and then place wet nappies, wrapped up, into paper bags.
  3. Email the manufacturer and ask what their commitments are to the environment – if you want change the first thing you have to do sometimes is state your intentions and wishes.

I just hope that as one company are making these changes, then others could and should follow suit.

As always I’d love to hear your comments!


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