Staying Time Focused

We’re all guilty of it – wasting time. We know we have things that need to be done yet we’re checking our emails and social media accounts, and then suddenly you’re up against the clock to get that urgent task done. I thought I’d share some of my top tips that have helped me over time.

Keeping a ‘To Do’ List/ Jot it Down

I used to hate this, but I soon found the cathartic need to write things down. It stops you thinking about it in great detail. I’ve spent many nights tossing and turning over things that need to be done for the next day that I needed to remember to do. It’s completely pointless. The next day, I always feel tired and grumpy about the loss of sleep. If it’s written down I sleep much better. I’ve found the same to be true if something is making me angry or worried. I write down how I feel about it. It gives me a chance to reflect and move on, and I stop obsessing about it.

Allow yourself some ‘Me Time’

Beware though this has to be done with caution. Checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc do not count! All you’re doing there is checking out what other people are doing. Put some music on, go for a walk, have a cup of tea or do all 3. Make sure you set a timer because that can soon turn into an avoidance tactic and then you’re back to square one. However, when taking some genuine ‘me’ time, I’ve found that I feel refreshed and ready to get on with things.

Budget your time wisely

If a task should take 10 minutes, but is more than likely to take you twenty minutes, take this into account. For example, when using the photocopier, if you know that someone is always going to stop you to ask you something along the way, then make time for this. In the same way, make sure that you are aware of when something is in its peak busy time. For example, if everyone uses the photocopier before 9am, why waste your time in the queue? Try to use it at 4pm when there are less people there and get it all done.

The rule of 3

We were all taught to categorise and group things from a young age. Try to group everything together to save yourself time and multiple trips. I try this when getting a room tidy. I have now started to ask myself what 3 things need to be done to make this room look tidier? Or what else needs to be taken upstairs and making myself a pile of things. This makes things so much quicker.

Think about your socialising time

I can talk for England, probably for all of the UK in fact. Then, I look down at the time and I think wow I spent 45 minutes chatting with them and then I have even more to do. Take your phone with you and set a timer, that way you can still socialise with colleagues and get your work done. Budget your social media time in this.

I hope these help with giving you back some more time. Let me know what your time saving techniques are.


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