Why We All Need a bit of Hygge

I think I heard about Hygge(Hoo-gah) about 2 years ago. If you haven’t yet, it’s a Danish tradition and it’s about creating cosiness in your life.

We all need some hygge in our life, it’s what gets us through difficult days. It rebalances us and develops our resilience.

To begin with it’s about spending time with family and friends. Now, for some people this isn’t particularly relaxing, but then you choose who to spend time with. Then, you lessen the use of technology, some people go so far as to swap electrical lighting for candles, or in summer the dusk setting. There’s something amazingly comforting about focusing on candle light.

The next step is talking. Wow, who knew that talking could be so good for the soul? I think what I like the most about it is that it’s without the background of a noisy bar or pub, and you’re talking at a natural volume rather than competing to be heard. You also can set the scene and talk about little things or bigger issues, and the most important thing I take from this is, you listen. It’s not about a verbal monologue, it’s the basic forms of communication. The social need that we have as human beings to switch off from distractions and just be in the moment.

Since we started practising this in our household, I have to admit I noticed changes straight away. As a family, suddenly that became priority number one. The work-life balance shifting towards life again. It was better for the bank balance, even when cooking for others. We slept better, I assume because there was no blue light emitting from technology. Overall, we felt much happier.

It was a lot easier to stick to than any other hobby I have ever undertaken and I felt supercharged the next day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


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