Should we limit who we spend time with?

Sometimes relationships can turn sour, be that with family or friends.

Recently, some friends and I went out. One was going through a really rough time, the other, regaled us with tales about her annoying family. It sounded pretty normal. However, the other friend listened and continued to listen and just did not have the emotional capacity. When she did reveal what she was going through, the other friend listened for a couple of minutes, offered her opinion and then spoke for the entirety of the time whilst we were out.

It was an enlightening moment of realising what a poor listener the other one was. She was also a poor conversationalist: she did not ask any questions she just continued to talk about herself. It did make me think, should we say to people enough now, let someone else ave a say? But we don’t, usually out of being polite. I have to be honest, I was quick to send her off with the rest of the day, whilst I listened to my other friend.

I think sometimes we have to ask ourselves, does this person value our relationship? If the answer is no, then why do we allow them to take up so much time? I’ll be honest, I don’t always want to cut people off, but limiting my time spent with them definitely can do wonders sometimes. Maybe it’s because afterwards I think of all the things I wish I’d have said, and limiting time means that I limit headspace.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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