Is it any surprise that young people with special needs have been failed?

On Oldham Road, in Ashton, stands a big patch of land where a Remploy used to stand. An employment agency, who specifically worked with people with disabilities with the aim of finding them sustainable employment.

There are many petitions including and reports highlighting the failure of CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), because of the lack of funding and the long waiting lists to be considered for support. If you are a landlord, some mortgage companies, will refuse to grant mortgages if the tenant is receiving benefits. Are we surprised that young people with special needs are being failed? We shouldn’t be. It seems that at nearly every twist and turn there is a mountain to climb before people can receive the support that they need.

Funding has gone to an all time low, and schools are having to fundraise through their own events or look to charities for help. How can services such as CAHMS operate without sufficient funding? It seems that the government is concerned about not enough people with special needs in employment or supported employment, but who is actually surprised? If you cut funding, you lessen support, it’s as simple as that. 44% of areas in England are failing to adequately support young people with special needs. This is not a shock, and shouldn’t be given the trends that have been happening.

We shouldn’t be shocked that violent crimes are on the increase, people are angry. Who is there to police that, probably nobody because police services are being cut. Surestart services – cut. Music services – cut. Health services – cut. Sports services – you’ve got it cut. Teachers are having their subject responsibilities cut because secondary schools are at breaking point. To put this into perspective – a teacher who stopped learning geography at 14 for example, suddenly has geography classes to teach. Your specialism is PE, but a third of your timetable is dedicated to teaching another subject, one that you have very poor subject knowledge in. How is their googling before the lesson any more sufficient than a child googling it in the lesson? Sure a teacher can ‘bring the subject to life’, they’re trained to, but it’s not right. People are not being supported in the most basic of their needs, of course they are angry because there are yet more obstacles in their way.

In an earlier article I discussed how education is an investment not a business, and I stick by that. We are now seeing that in the decade that the Tory government have been in power. They’re happy to repeal a hunting ban, but continue to support and fund young people into employment and successful, independent individuals – forget it. We will see this happen for at least the next ten years because now we’re seeing the lack of investment. We’re seeing the robbing of Peter to pay Paul. This is sadly not a surprise.


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