Save Our Wildlife

As the news reported yesterday that wildlife is at further threat of decline, I wondered what steps – no matter how small, could be taken to reduce our impact on the planet.

Let’s start with food waste.

Making a list of meals before going food shopping, makes it easier to not over buy. There is only so much that a person can eat. This also goes down to being mindful about the places where you shop. For example, do they stock singular onions or are they in packs? If they are in packs, how many meals also contain onions that are on your list? Can you incorporate more dishes to accommodate for the onions? Can the food be frozen if you don’t use it? Check the cupboards, fridge and freezer before you make the list. If foods are close to their expiration date, what recipes can you add these to? If you can’t use them, how about donating it to a food bank?


If you’re a meat eater, you’re a meat eater. Could you swap one meal with meat for one without? Or a meat substitute? One meal isn’t too bad. Websites like yummly are great for searching for recipes of all kinds, they’re rated by users, so you know how easy or difficult they are to make. If you like bottled water, trying tap will save you money and plastic pollution – win win.

Seasonal foods

I wonder how many miles the food in my fridge has travelled to get to my plate, probably more than I have in my entire life. Strawberries aren’t Winter fruits, they taste lovely in Summer. Oranges are perfect for Winter. Treat your palate! A Farmer’s market is the perfect place to find local, seasonal produce.

Of course, there are many more ways. But a couple of small steps could make such a difference. If one household does this, it will still make a difference to sustaining the planet. If 100 households make simple changes, that’s encouraging. If 1,000,000 households make small changes, they will make a huge difference and that would be a miracle.



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