Creating Eco Systems

The new French law that rooftops on new buildings must be partially covered in solar panels or plants is a fantastic idea, and I wish other countries would take heed.

To understand the bigger picture, shows how reliant we are on insects, and the need to protect biodiverse ecosystems.

I love that everybody has to make a conscious effort to use cleaner energy sources. I prefer the covering in plants, just because it creates eco systems and is a clean source of insolation, but I understand the choice of solar panels too.

I also like the idea of green sheds or adding hanging baskets to your shed. Water butts can also be run off these sheds, which are yet further ways to make green sheds.

I’ve also updated my home search engine to because they plant trees for every search, but be warned it takes about 45 searches before a tree can be planted. However, you can track your number searches, and it’s only a small change. As the number of users increases, the better the search engine operates.

I love that we (as a planet) are coming up with more eco friendly ways that extend to our homes, to preserve our planet.

I would love to hear of any small ideas that will have a big impact on preserving our planet!


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