Preserving Our Wildlife


I was recently humbled to see this pumpkin out on a local walk. The reason, being that wildlife can feast on the leftovers of Halloween. Yes, the seeds are important too, but it’s a start and a head in the right direction.

I think that it’s growing more important every day, for us to focus on what we use and the waste we produce. Climate change is showing us that major changes need to be made and that we need to do a lot more to sustain this planet. We need to take responsibility.

Unfortunately, during that time, even though we were out for an hour, we spotted a grand total of 4 birds. The woodland path, especially in Autumn, should have been packed full of wildlife. If ever there was an indication that our wildlife is in danger of becoming extinct, this has to be it.

It’s things like providing seeds and nuts for local wildlife, or looking at our waste and seeing how once we’re done we can benefit the environment. Placing the food somewhere visible, like on stones or rocks, so that the food doesn’t become buried in the mulch. We took a walk as a family around a local park over the Summer. There were signs all over the park about what food was good for the birds – seeds, nuts and lettuce etc. The sign clearly asked for people not to feed the birds bread, and yet people still were. To add insult to injury, they were stood under the sign as they did it. Do future generations not deserve to look at the birds too? It’s about being a bit smarter about where we place the food too. It’s easy in a park to throw food to the birds paddling in a pond, but woodland offers places to hide.

We as humans, have a short time on this planet, but we must understand that other life has the right to live to. We should be respecting that and preserving nature for future generations. The sight of the pumpkins (I only uploaded one photograph) showed me that we are moving in the right direction, and it gave me hope. Now, I hope to see next year at least double the amount, heck quadruple the amount. Why not?


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