Are recipe and food delivery services worth it?

There has recently been a surge in companies that offer to recipes and deliver the groceries straight to our doorsteps, to save us time and cut down on food waste. But is it worth it?

Well, we tried one of these companies on their discount introductory offer and had a few areas to comment on.


Approximately 30 new recipes go up a week, which makes the choices better. However, there are some weeks where there were more fish dishes compared to chicken, and more pork dishes compared to lamb. I think it would be harder if you were vegetarian or pescetarian to make because there is automatically less variety. However, overall it was easy enough to select 4 meals for the week. It also stopped the mundane routine of having the same food every single week.


This was an interesting one, because it made me rethink what was actually needed when buying a food shop. The cold food was insulated by wool in biodegradable plastic – great start. The food arrived in a cardboard box – again easily recycled. Vegetables that could be loose were i.e. a leek. This made me think well yeah, why do we feel the need to place single items in a bag, to go into another bag? That’s revolutionised the need of plastic bags for single items. Bags are still needed when purchasing multiple of an item to keep them together, but some supermarkets are moving towards using paper bags, so that’s much better. The sauce pots were still in little plastic tubs though, so maybe that could be rethought for cardboard ones. Overall, though I was impressed.


This was pretty poor. You have to commit to a full day spot 8am-5pm and it was Monday-Friday. Not all of us have that time or work from home, so that was inflexible. Also, on the day a specific time was texted that was stuck to, but again not all of us have the flexibility of time. You couldn’t select a time slot that was less than 9 hours. The other option was to pay £3 for evening delivery, which is a little expensive when you consider the cost of buying the food without offers. That has to be a work in progress.

Quality of food:

This was overall good. Of course, there was the odd item that looked like it had seen better days, but overall it was good quality and fresh.


Without a shadow of doubt, it was some of the best home cooking I’ve ever made. The taste was amazing.


With the introductory offers, it was fairly priced. However, once these end, it would be a costly service to keep up, if you consider that 4 meals for 2 people costs around £35. We are able to make meals for less than £7, granted not every single day, but that could become costly soon.

Ease of recipe:

Everything that we made was straight forward. We’re okay at cooking in our house, I wouldn’t be calling us chefs anytime soon though. The food was fairly straight forward to make.

Food Waste:

Here was the big winner. There was none. The box contained the exact amount of each ingredient that we needed.

Deliberately, I have chosen not to name the company that we used, if you would like this information, then I will name them in the comments below. However, I thought it was worth reviewing one of these services to understand what they offer without it being a marketing ploy to use one or the other.


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