What are you waiting for?

It seems to be that people decide to only go for dreams once something in their life happens that is life changing – a relationship, health or a significant loss. Life is supposed to be something to enjoy surely?

We can all victims of the ‘tomorrow never comes’ brigade when we wait for things to happen. Changes don’t have to be big, they can be small steps that lead to a big difference. Many years ago I worked in a call centre and it literally started to make me ill. It wasn’t necessarily to do with things like the treatment from customers or managers, I think I had boredom stress, if there is such a thing.

There is a tonne of emphasis placed on inspiring children to make good educational choices and create aspirations, and whilst that is fantastic, it seems after university then the platforms to create aspirations seriously diminish. Sure, if you want to find love, there are dating agencies and websites to help if you’re not meeting people that you connect with. If you want to change your job or career, there are recruitment agencies and websites. However, both require you to have some knowledge of what you want and sometimes you don’t.

Years ago, careers advisors existed. When I was at school, they presented each pupil with a quiz that was supposed to create careers from the answers you gave to your talents and likes/dislikes. However, these were pretty limited and lame in their career indexes. First, the quiz was at least a decade old and second, as a result of this the information was outdated. My answers ranged from a farmer to a prison warden. There weren’t even slight suggestions towards engineering, maybe because it was an all girls’ school. However, these careers started to become more common knowledge as we continued through education, but then once we graduated from university, there was very little in the form of aspiring people to achieve career goals. It’s great if people know what they want to do, but many people don’t. I agree that new jobs and careers are popping up, that the industry couldn’t have predicted, but it would be great if there were careers coaches in industries to develop aspirations.

However, there can be other goals that people wish to achieve, but sometimes no one there to help us realise what we want. Losing weight, making better decisions with our relationships etc, they all seem to become decisions that occur after something drastic has happened, which is the biggest shame ever.

Instead, we should think about what we want in different areas of life, and set realistic goals for when we want these to happen. We shouldn’t wait until we suffer to realise that life is worth living.


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