Conscious Consumers

What’s it all about? Well, it’s about making informed choices about what you view and purchase. Who do you allow to influence you and why? Are we aware of every choice we make?


As consumers, we make a huge impact on what corporations sell, and we sometimes forget this. Corporations sell what we want to buy, and when their sales take a dip, they start to research why. If we want to make an impact on climate change, and stop the increasing single use plastics entering the oceans, then we need to start thinking about the products we buy and making some simple changes.


For example, plastic straws in the UK will soon cease to exist. Instead, companies are looking at cardboard, metal and glass as alternatives, meaning that fewer will enter into the oceans. CFCs were once a problem, they took decades to no longer appear in the atmosphere. Climate change might be reversible if we start making more informed choices. Companies are looking at ways to become more environmentally friendly. This is because of consumer choices, and us saying enough.

13813658_10154394738479207_7600355080596910185_nIt’s also a look at our inner self. Are we doing the
best for us? Are we making the right choice for us? It’s about making choices that will develop the best you, and the larger picture, a better world for us all. Hopefully this is achievable in our lifetimes and those of future generations.